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2009-11-08 08:56 pm
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Yakiimo is one of the most annoying foods in Japan.
How can roasted sweet potatoes be annoying you  ask? It's not because I think they taste bad, or because they're hard to get. In fact this time of year they're super easy to get. There are people who drive around in trucks who cook and sell them, sort of like an ice cream truck.  Unfortunately, unlike an ice cream truck the way they get your attention isn't a nice catchy tune. It's a steam whistle. It doesn't stop and is super loud. The first few times a heard it I thought it was an air raid siren going off. At least those stop; the yakiimo whistles continues on until it's out of earshot. Heaven forbid they stop. I had to listen to one for half an hour today.
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2009-10-24 10:07 am
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Omurice is one of the foods I will miss the most when I leave Japan, but also one of the easiest to make ;)

Omurice is basicaly fried rice with an omelet thrown on top. The twist? The fried rice is made with ketchup (Although sometimes they use other stuff). I really like it when it's made with ham or sausage, but normally Japanese people use chicken.  There aren't really a lot of rules when it comes to what you put in the rice, so it gets adjusted a lot. I've made some really kick'n omurice using salsa. On top you can put more ketchup, demi-glace sauce or even gravy.   It's a great way to make a meal out of left over rice.

Now, some Japanese people claim Omurice is western food, but that is a lie, a delicious delicious lie.
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2009-09-24 05:37 pm
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So, in Japan McDonald's has monthly McFlurry flavors. I just had a Gateaux  Maron flavored one. I've been trying to avoid eating McDonald's, but I couldn't resist when I saw the sign for it. It was very very good, although it didn't really taste much like Gateaux Maron. I just like it when they mix cake in. The Strawberry Shortcake was my favorite flavor. They actually have two flavors right now, the other being Mint Oreo, which is about as awesome as it sounds.
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2009-09-02 07:55 pm
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Grass Jelly Deja Vu

So, as I think about things, Japan has changed my tastes somewhat.
Back in college my friends and I got to partake of some rather.... interesting beverages. Grass Jelly and some weird rice drink among them.... I did not like them much at all. The texture was very strange. Now, weird bits in my drinks do not phase me at all. Tea Apple drink with konyaku jelly and apple bits, that is pretty tasty stuff. Muscat aloe drink with bits of aloe? Pretty tasty too. Amazake (It's a sweet drink made of rice, served warm)? Best part of winter festivals!

.... and Japan's Kit-Kats are still strange I found some ones that I think are apple carrot.... that's what they have on packaging anyway. They sorta taste like very sweet V8 Splash. They are much better than the Ramune ones.
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2009-08-17 06:54 pm
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Japanese Kitkats

Kitkats are made in some pretty strange flavors in Japan. Some of them are good, some of them are not so good. FYI, Ramune Kitkats are not so good.