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I don't post very often, but Verzion has pissed me off enough that I felt the need to share. 

It was May 11th that canceled my service with them.... sorta.  I had no problem with the phone, but they wouldn't let me cancel the DSL.  Why?  Because the name hadn't switched over yet and there was an early termination fee that was going to be charged to my former roommate.  That part's important because I called this morning because my final bill was $65 dollars on a billing cycle of 5 days. The phone people were like 'We charged you 7 cents, you need to talk to DSL'  So I talk to DSL and they said that they charged 32.61 or something like that, the rest was run over from the last cycle because of how the bills fall.  Okay, I was pissed that is was that much, but the have a mimium charge, and I get that.  Then she tells me that my bill should be higher and too expect that in the mail.  Why you ask?  The $79 dollar early termination fee should have been on it.  Um no, they cannot charge me for that because my name isn't the one on the contract, as stated by about 4 people when I tried to cancel the account.  She kept on saying they would though, which, made me rather angry.   Because yeah, right hand meet left hand and all that jazz.   I'm going to let it go though until I get a bill for it in my name, because the majority (and common sense b/c of the contract and everything) has stated that the late termination fee, not my problem.
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